Year Five — Going for our Best Yet

It’s time.

Submissions have just opened for the FIFTH Annual District Improv Festival — coming at you Sept. 6-10, 2017, in the capital of the United States of America. It’s traditional to give wood or silverware on the fifth anniversary. We’ve bucked that tradition — hope you don’t mind — and are focused on giving you the best festival this city has ever scene.

Why will it be the best?
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Because laughter is gold.
Because improvisors are the best people.
Because it’s going to be a mix of folks from here, from across the country, and hopefully from Canada. Or Thailand. Or maybe The Netherlands. China? South Africa? Want to visit?

That’s why we need you. Submit your team(s), mark your calendars, and get ready to be a part of something grand.


See you soon,
The District Improv Festival Board

Our Mission: Support and grow Washington, D.C.’s long-form improv scene and promote awareness of the District as a premier improv community.

The 2017 festival will be produced in alliance with Washington Improv Theater and The Unified Scene Theater, and will take place Sept. 6-10.