The Festival

The District Improv Festival is Washington D.C.’s only festival devoted to longform improvisation. The festival has been covered in the Washington Post and has twice been selected as one of the best theater festivals in Washington, D.C. by readers of The Washington City Paper (2015, 2014).

2017 District Improv Festival

Headliner: 3Peat (Chicago)

September 6, 2017 at Source:
7:30 PM: After School Grandma (Baltimore), VI Lenin (DC), OLGA (Baltimore)
9:30 PM: The Female Accent (DC), Press Play (DC), Commonwealth (DC)

September 7, 2017 at Source:
7:30 PM: Sistine Robot (DC), Sweater Kittens (DC), Sad Trombone (Philadelphia)
9:30 PM: Regicide (Toronto), Jive Turkey (DC), The Future (Philadelphia)

September 8, 2017 at Unified Scene:
7:30 PM: Casually Crusher (mashup), Minority Re’port (Baltimore)
9:30 PM: The Johnsons (Richmond), Nox! (DC), The Boozeroom (NYC)

September 8, 2017 at Source:
7:30 PM: Naffy (Boston), NIXON (DC), Swartzlander and Friend (NYC)
9:30 PM: King Bee (DC), Twoson (Toronto), Ugh (DC)

September 9, 2017 at Unified Scene:
2:30 PM: Beautiful Dreamers (NYC), Peaches Galore (NYC), Sabado Picante (DC), Empty Promises (Austin)
5:00 PM: I’m in DC, Leave Me The Fuck Alone (Seattle), Hymn Brothers (Chicago), LIZARD GIRL (DC), B & B (Portland)

September 9, 2017 at Source:
2:30 PM: Bird and Friends Cosmic Unity (NYC), iMusical (DC), Aboulia! (DC), Hip Hop Harold (Atlanta)
7:30 PM: The Friendship Club (NYC), Madeline (DC), Milk Money (Cambridge, MA)
9:30 PM: Love Onion (DC), 3Peat (Chicago)


2016 District Improv Festival

Headliner: DUMMY (Chicago/LA)

November 9, 2016:
7:30 PM: Sistine Robot (DC), Nox! (DC), and Vox Pop (DC/NYC)
9:30 PM: Hotline (Philly), Minority Re’port (Bmore), and Ugh (DC)

November 10, 2016:
7:30 PM: Hymn Brothers (Chicago), VI Lenin (DC), and Masher (Philly)
9:30 PM: The Future (Philly), King Bee (DC), and TwoSon (Toronto)

November 11, 2016:
Source (1835 14th St. NW)
7:30 PM: Press Play (DC), Raving Jaynes (NYC), and Night Nurse (Chicago)
9:30 PM: Sad Jazz (NYC), Cake Bagel (DC), and Avalanche (NYC)
The Unified Scene Theater (80 T St. NW)
7:30 PM: Clown Boy (NYC), Sweater Kittens (DC), and Friendship Club (NYC)
9:30 PM: Den Mother (Philly), Madeline (DC), and Swartzlander (NYC)

November 12, 2016:
2:30 PM: Diabolical Fishbank (NC), Milk Money (Boston), Aboulia! (DC), and Honey (NYC)
5:00 PM: Sad Trombone (Philly), Gus (Bmore), JaxN Reed (Phoenix), and iMusical (DC)
7:30 PM: Regicide (Toronto), Love Onion (DC), and Wicked City (NYC)9:30 PM (HEADLINER PERFORMANCE):  Commonwealth (DC) and DUMMY (Chicago/LA)


2015 District Improv Festival

Headliner: The Boys: Susan Messing and Rachael Mason (Chicago)

Selected Acts: Bad Kitten (Philly)
Call Your Mom (NYC), Cake Bagel (DC), Commonwealth (DC), Equanimity (Tampa, FL), Evan The Loyal (Baltimore), Gus (Balt), Horse Apples (Richmond, VA), iMusical (DC), Kibbles and Bits (NYC), King Bee (DC), Left For Dead (Rochester, NY), Love Onion (DC), ManDudeBro (Bethlehem, PA), Metal Boy (NYC), Minority Re’port (Balt), Nox! (DC), People Like Us (DC), Regicide (Toronto), Sabotage (Philly), Sad Jazz (NYC/LA), Sistine Robot (DC), The Boys (Chicago), The Friendship Club (NYC). The Future (Philly), The Haddington Club (DC), The Raving Jaynes (NYC), Thunderball (DC/NYC), Trash Island (Philly), and Wicked City (NYC)


2014 District Improv Festival

Headliner: TJ and Dave (Chicago)

Selected Acts: Aboulia! (DC), Aeropuerto (Boston), All-American (NYC), Big Bang (Boston), Bonecracker (Chapel Hill), Broadway’s Next Hit Musical (NYC), Commonwealth (DC), Dial M for Nasty (DC), Evan the Loyal (Baltimore), Family Haircut (NYC), FOIA Love All-Stars (NYC), From Justin to Kelly (NYC), Gus (Baltimore), iMusical (DC), Jive Turkey (DC), Junior Varsity (NYC), King Bee (DC), Lekker (Baltimore), Outside Voices (Philly), People Like Us (DC), Press Play (DC), SeaTea (Hartford, CT), ShawnMikael(s) (DC), Sistine Robot (DC), Squirrel Buddies (Austin), Swartzlander (NYC), The Amie & Kristen Show/The Kristen & Amie Show (Philly), The Raving Jaynes (NYC), Thunderball (DC), Wicked City (NYC)


2013 District Improv Festival

Headliner: The Armando Diaz Experience (NYC)

Selected acts: Aboulia! (DC), Aeropuerto (Boston), The Amie & Kristen Show/The Kristen & Amie Show (Philly), Commonwealth (DC), Dial M for Nasty (DC), Disco Taxi (Toronto), Dr. Fantastic (DC), Evan the Loyal (Baltimore), Gus (Baltimore), Haroldo Rivera (NYC), Hello Laser (NYC), iMusical (DC), In Our Prime (Austin), Jimmy Fedora (NYC), Jive Turkey (DC), King Bee (DC), The Lodge (DC), Mandudebro (Bethlehem, Pa.), Mason Improv Association (Fairfax, VA), Mr. Meaner (DC), Nox! (DC), Population Six (Baltimore), The Score (DC), Sea Tea Improv (Hartford, Conn.), Season Six (DC), ShawnMikael(s) (DC), Singles Cruise (NYC), Sistine Robot (DC), Stranger (Chicago), Vox Pop (Annadale, Va./NYC), Weekend of Regret (NYC)