Say Hello to 3Peat

Less than two months until the fifth annual District Improv Festival gets cracking. We can hardly wait. Like, come on — be September already. This heat is ridiculous. August is a weird month anyway. We have our final teams selected for the festival, and CAN’T IT JUST HAPPEN ALREADY?!

Ahem. Almost lost our cool there.

To keep us from going crazy until September, we thought we’d pass the time by reintroducing you to our phenomenal headliners 3Peat.*

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What did you feel like before your first improv show?

Couple of words that come to mind from us are “nervous,” “sweaty,” and “no no no.”

Best suggestion you’ve gotten/worst suggestion you have gotten?

Any suggestion is fine except pineapple. Y’all say that too much.

Why the name 3Peat?

We tried a bunch of different names when we first started. We were doing a show in a bar one time and basketball was on, and we thought of [Chicago Bulls player Michael] Jordan and championships and being the best, so we picked it. On the court he is black excellence, it sounds great, and we had a great show so we stuck with it.

Who would play 3Peat in a movie?

Us. We are actors. So, us.

What is the theme song/music for 3Peat?

“Niggas in Paris” by Jay Z and Kanye West.

If 3Peat owned a bar, what kind of bar would it be?

It would be a club. You gotta dress nice and pay a cover to get in. There would be lots of dancing and free food.

Why do you do improv?

To express ourselves, have fun, and educate people.

But seriously — IS IT SEPTEMBER YET?

-The District Improv Festival Board

*in case you missed the news, 3Peat is a killer team from Chicago gracing our festival with its award-winning improv.

Our Mission: Support and grow Washington, D.C.’s long-form improv scene and promote awareness of the District as a premier improv community.

The 2017 festival will be produced in alliance with Washington Improv Theater and The Unified Scene Theater, and will take place Sept. 6-10.