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The Who’s Who of the 2017 District Improv Festival

1500 minutes of footage to review.
18 selection committee volunteers.
15 spreadsheets.
10 giant post it notes.
4 hours in a conference room.
40 finalists.

Mark your calendar now for September 6th-10th. The fifth annual District Improv Festival will be our best yet.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give to you the line-up for the 2017 District Improv Festival!

After School Grandma (Batimore, MD)
B & B (Portland, OR)
Beautiful Dreamers (New York, NY)
Beverly Crusher (DC)
Bronson (New York, NY)
Cat and Vegas and The Temple of Boom (Aberdeen, NJ)
Clown Boy (New York, NY)
Empty Promises (Austin, TX)
Hip Hop Harold (Atlanta, GA)
Hymn Brothers (Chicago, IL)
I’m in DC Leave Me The Fuck Alone (Seattle, WA)
iMusical: The Improvised Musical (DC)
Jive Turkey(DC)
Los Profesores (New York, NY)
Love Onion (DC)
Madeline (DC)
Milk Money (Cambridge, MA)
Mingle (New York, NY)
Minority Re’port (Baltimore, MD)
Naffy (Boston, MA)
Nox! (DC)
OLGA (New York, NY)
Peaches Galore (Brooklyn, NY)
Press Play (DC)
Regicide (Toronto, ON)
Sabado Picante (DC)
Sad Trombone (Philadelphia, PA)
Swartzlander (New York, NY)
Sweater Kittens (DC)
The Boozeroom (New York, NY)
The Female Accent (DC)
The Friendship Club (Brooklyn, NY)
The Future (Philadelphia, PA)
The Johnsons (Richmond, VA)
TwoSon (Toronto, ON)
Ugh (DC)
VI Lenin (DC)
Wicked City (New York, NY)

These 40 Troupes will be joined by our phenomenal headliner, 3Peat! Buy your tickets today and secure yourself a place in our best festival yet.

Our Mission: Support and grow Washington, D.C.’s long-form improv scene and promote awareness of the District as a premier improv community.

The 2017 festival will be produced in alliance with Washington Improv Theater and The Unified Scene Theater, and will take place Sept. 6-10.

Year Five — Going for our Best Yet

It’s time. Submissions have just opened for the FIFTH Annual District Improv Festival — coming at you Sept. 6-10, 2017, in the capital of the United States of America. It’s traditional to give wood or silverware on the fifth anniversary. We’ve bucked that tradition — hope you don’t mind — and are focused on giving… Continue Reading