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The Unified Scene Theater: An interview with the founders, Shawn Westfall and Kathy Baird Westfall

For the second year in a row, District Improv Festival will be taking place on two stages – Washington Improv Theater, and The Unified Scene Theater.  The theaters are just over a mile away from each other, and provide two unique spaces for our upcoming guest to perform in.  

We sat down with the powerhouses of The Unified Scene Theater (Kathy Baird Westfall and Shawn Westfall) to understand more about why they have a stage in the first place, what makes the best improv, and why DC is a unique improv community.

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Seeking Festival Volunteers

A festival is only as good as its volunteers. Which is why we need YOU.  The District Improv Festival is run by volunteers – members of the DC community that want to give back, lend a helping hand, and help make this festival the BEST IT CAN BE. Why should you volunteer? “You should volunteer… Continue Reading

Say Hello to 3Peat

Less than two months until the fifth annual District Improv Festival gets cracking. We can hardly wait. Like, come on — be September already. This heat is ridiculous. August is a weird month anyway. We have our final teams selected for the festival, and CAN’T IT JUST HAPPEN ALREADY?! Ahem. Almost lost our cool there.… Continue Reading

Year Five — Going for our Best Yet

It’s time. Submissions have just opened for the FIFTH Annual District Improv Festival — coming at you Sept. 6-10, 2017, in the capital of the United States of America. It’s traditional to give wood or silverware on the fifth anniversary. We’ve bucked that tradition — hope you don’t mind — and are focused on giving… Continue Reading