A love letter to everyone involved with DIF 2015

Where do we begin?  It’s been almost a week since the 3rd annual District Improv Festival came to a close.  Everyone has (hopefully)  had time to catch up on sleep, and reflect on this monumentous occasion.

We are continually grateful for the support and love we receive from the DC improv community and all of our out of town guests.

This year’s festival would NOT have happened if it wasn’t for the amazing efforts of the following people:

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  • Great volunteers; Seth Arenstein, Lindsey Boyle, Christine Burgess, Mary Canter, Gina Cordero, Dennis Carter, Em Fiske, Elizabeth Fulton, Bruno Furth, Jordan Greene, Faith Halter, Rachel Hamilton, Sarah Katz-Hyman, Dan Koffman, Becca McCary, Shealy Molpus, Samiah Page, Melissa Penrose, Ellen Reiterman, David Richman, Kristen Ruga, Renan Snowden, PJ Tabit, Julie Tice, Michael Tietjen, Ben Thomas, and Ian Turner
  • Our amazing volunteer coordinators; Amy Purcell, Philip Greene, and Rob Miller,
  • Fantastic photographers;  Jeff Salmore and Julie Powers,
  • Dan Brown at Rocketpack Creative,
  • Special thanks to Melanie Harker, Dan Miliken, Stephanie Hamilton, Meg Gallagher, the staff at the Saloon on U Street, and  Marc Reber,
  • Tammy Portnoy and Port City Brewing Company!  If you were a volunteer or performer who enjoyed a free beer during the festival, please continue to support Port City.  They are the BEST.
  • Mark Chalfant and Washington Improv Theater for their continued support,
  • ALL of the performing troupes from this year, and
  • Susan Messing and Rachael Mason!   What an amazing show.

So, the big question is;  will we see you next year?

Our deepest gratitude, thanks, and love,

Sabahat Chaudhary, Sean Paul Ellis, Jeff Hughes, Brianna Lux, Jordana Mishory, Dan Miller, and John Windmueller

*Donald Glover will not be here for DIF 2016. **

**We’d LOVE to have him, don’t get us wrong.  This was just the best gif possible to end on.  ***

*** We’ve over explained the joke, right?!  Oy.