Get tickets for the 2016 District Improv Festival

Get tickets for the 2016 District Improv Festival

Get your tickets for the 4th annual District Improv Festival,  Nov. 9 through Nov. 12!

The 2016 District Improv Festival features acts from New York, Chicago, Phoenix, Philly, and Toronto as well as top talent from the DC area.

All shows are at Source (1835 14th St. NW), hosted by Washington Improv Theater, except two Friday night performances at The Unified Scene Theater (80 T St. NW).

Friday, Nov. 11

Source (1835 14th St. NW)
7:30 PM: Press Play (DC), Raving Jaynes (NYC), and Night Nurse (Chicago) (get tickets)
9:30 PM: Sad Jazz (NYC), Cake Bagel (DC), and Avalanche (NYC) (get tickets)

The Unified Scene Theater (80 T St. NW)
7:30 PM: Clown Boy (NYC), Sweater Kittens (DC), and Friendship Club (NYC) (get tickets)
9:30 PM: Den Mother (Philly), Madeline (DC), and Swartzlander (NYC) (get tickets)

Saturday, Nov. 12

2:30 PM: Diabolical Fishbank (NC), Milk Money (Boston), Aboulia! (DC), and Honey (NYC) (FREE SHOW – reserve a seat)
5:00 PM: Sad Trombone (Philly), Gus (Bmore), JaxN Reed (Phoenix), and iMusical (DC) (get tickets)
7:30 PM: Regicide (Toronto), Love Onion (DC), and Wicked City (NYC) (get tickets)
9:30 PM (HEADLINER PERFORMANCE):  Commonwealth (DC) and DUMMY (Chicago/LA) (get tickets)

Past shows

Wednesday, Nov. 9

7:30 PM: Sistine Robot (DC), Nox! (DC), and Vox Pop (DC/NYC) (FREE SHOW – reserve a seat)
9:30 PM: Hotline (Philly), Minority Re’port (Bmore), and Ugh (DC) (FREE SHOW – reserve a seat)

Thursday, Nov. 10

7:30 PM: Hymn Brothers (Chicago), VI Lenin (DC), and Masher (Philly) (just $5 – get tickets)
9:30 PM: The Future (Philly), King Bee (DC), and TwoSon (Toronto) (just $5 – get tickets)